Premium Metal Full Customizable NFC Business Card

৳ 2,999.00

  • Fully customizable.
  • 25×25 mm space is reserved for the chip itself. you can design anywhere but there.
  • Laser engrave printed.
  • Customization process starts after payment.
  • Comes with TapKori Digital Business Card Wallet Subscription for 1 year.
  • One of the most secure NFC cards
  • Comes with NFC blocking Shield.
  • Protected from MITM attacks.
  • Readable for minimum 100,000 times
  • Minimum 10 years life time.

Free worldwide shipping on all orders

  • To order from outside of Bangladesh, please contact us.
  • Delivery within 3 days of design confirmation.
  • The price is all exclusive.
  • For a corporate quotation, please contact us.

Buy Premium Metal NFC fully customized cards from TapKori

TapKori is the first ever security focused digital business card sharing wallet that can store business cards, connect with others and make yourself unique in front of others. Our goal is to reduce paper usage and create a digital world ahead of our time. We also provide a variety of NFC based products that can help you establish connection and also offer security for you.

Get a classy metal stainless steel NFC contactless digital business card customized with your name OR with your logo from TapKori, engraved with precision laser engraving on the both side of black matte NFC card. The NFC chip is on the back in a small area. Metal blocks NFC frequency, that is why the chip is separated on a side You tap on the side where the NFC chip is, but you can customize the other parts of the card.


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