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About TapKori

TapKori is the first ever security focused digital business card sharing wallet that can store business cards, connect with others and make yourself unique in front of others. Our goal is to reduce paper usage and create a digital world ahead of our time. We also provide a variety of NFC based products that can help you establish connection and also offer security for you.

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in March 2023

There was various companies globally with digital business card feature. But they were missing one vital thing physical business card does, you can keep a physical business card in your wallet, but you CANNOT keep a digital business card stored somewhere for future usage. Then what can be the solution? Then we came up with the idea of TapKori. A digital business card wallet to store your business card at ease!

A perfect fit for your every day life

Designed to be simple and effective for the environment

Over 4-8 Billion trees are cut every year for paper. And more than 10 billion business cards are made each year worldwide. And study says, 88% business cards get thrown away within the first week. That is a huge number of trees wasted every year! that is why we, created TapKori with our very own in house R&D team to reduce paper wastage with a simple, useful and economical  way! We also offer Secure NFC Cards as a physical copy of your Digital business card. And the life time of these cards are more than 10 years with a reading lifespan of gurenteed more than 100,000 times! Its like this is the only business card you will ever need in your whole life!

Digitalisation at its best

We’re just getting started

This is just the beginning of a journey. We are currently offering Digital Business Card Wallet, NFC based fully customized business cards and NFC Blocking Shield to secure your NFC based Credit cards. Soon, we will launch more products for companies and institutions for more convenience and security. TapKori is a startup and our R&D team is working everyday, trying to bring comfort and convenience in your life! Stay connected

I’m so happy with the service from Shoptimizer – my order was delivered within 48 hours and the thought and care they put into their products really stands out. Plus, their support is just awesome!
Sean Walsh
London, UK
Fabulous top bought as a birthday gift for a friend who wears it almost every day. Smart packaging which looks exciting and special. Very good on delivery. Will purchase it again as a gift and for myself!
Astrid Sorensen
Oslo, Norway